La Cañada Wireless Association

Help Erect a Mast

Help Erect a Mast

LCWA needs volunteers for a one time project at Jicarilla Ridge in Cañoncito on Saturday, November, 19, 2016.

The team will erect a 20 foot mast with radios attached to the existing installed base. Once we have the mast up, we need to adjust the guy wires and move 120 cement blocks from the staging area next to the mast base onto the base.

That’s it. With around 8 volunteers, we should be able to finish the basic work in a couple of hours. We should be done by noon.

Please let me know if you can volunteer. Send me an email.

See you there!

Thank you for being a member of LCWA.

Dana Simmons

LCWA Board of Directors President

Volunteer Coordinator



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