La Cañada Wireless Association

Our Mission

The La Cañada Wireless Association (LCWA) is a non-profit, member-owned and member-operated community wireless network association. Our mission is to provide high-speed internet access to people who live and work near the La Cañada De Los Alamos Land Grant area of New Mexico. (see image below)


LCWA embraces the concept of the community wireless network model in which members of the association work together to satisfy the needs of the association. We are wholly non-profit, self-funded and self-organized. We strive to provide high quality internet access for all of the association’s members.

Because the members are also the owners, the membership itself chooses how to meet its needs, including, but not limited to, determining membership fees, bandwidth, infrastructure, coverage areas and management. All work involved in designing, constructing, and maintaining the members’ access is performed primarily by volunteers.