La Cañada Wireless Association

New Member Info

Terms of Use

Members must be familiar with and have signed the LCWA membership agreement, and must comply with the terms of use spelled out therein. The LCWA network may not be used for illegal activity of any sort, to include violations of copyright law. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all family members and visitors that use the member’s LCWA equipment adhere to the terms of use.

Home Computer Security

Members are expected to exercise due diligence in protecting their computers from malware. This generally means that all computers attached to the network must run anti-virus software, and computers used for browsing the web and email may require addition protection. Issues have arisen from time to time when visitors bring infected laptops into the network. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that anyone connecting to the network via the member’s equipment take appropriate steps to eliminate and/or avoid infections.

All member routers should have WPA or better access security enabled. WEP is not sufficient.


Please make payments on time. The initial Membership Fee ($50 currently) is due when the member radio is successfully installed and connected to an Access Point. The monthly fee ($40 currently) is due on the 15th for the next month. Service may be terminated for non-payment. We send out email reminders, but do not send invoices or statements. It is possible, and much appreciated, to establish automatic payments. Contact the LCWA Treasurer for details.

What Members Must Be Willing and/or able To Do or Learn To Do:

Purchase a router – recommend Linksys WRT54. Routers available for under $100 on the internet and at local merchants.

Prepare for Initial Installation: Outside mounting, masts, holes in walls, etc.

LCWA will assist in installation of radio, and will supply exterior grade cable and will install connectors as needed.

All inside wiring – cable from POE to router, cable from router to computer, UPS, is the responsibility of the member.

Basic computer configuration Antivirus anti/malware DHCP Wired or wireless connection to router

Basic troubleshooting. Is POE light on? Are radio lights on? Are router lights on? Are cables plugged in correctly? Etc.

More Advanced Skills

The more you know the better – “Knowledge is power” and we want to empower our members to the greatest extent possible.

Radio configuration and setup From factory (or factory reset) set up radio IP etc.

Router configuration and setup From factory (or factory reset) set up PPPoE access. Set up local wireless security. Ensure that local wireless is different channel than radio to ap DHCP Restore router config from saved file.