La Cañada Wireless Association

Services and Fees

La Cañada Wireless Association (LCWA) offers membership to anyone interested in getting involved in our wireless community. Meetings are open to all and members in good standing have voting privileges. Members are encouraged to participate actively in all aspects of the association’s operations.

How LCWA Is Unique

Before you agree to internet access service, it’s important that you understand the differences between the services that a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) provide, and what LCWA provides. Here are some of the major differences.

  • Equipment: You buy, own and maintain your own equipment with our help.
  • Installation: You perform your own installation with our help.
  • Emergency Services: LCWA does not guarantee internet connectivity for emergency and/or essential services connections, not limited to but including 911 and e911 services. Voice Over IP (VOIP) users please read this government message.
  • Incoming Mail Service: Not available.
  • Web Hosting: Not available.
  • Dialup Access: Not supported.
  • Symmetric Features: We support VPN, FTP, video conferencing, VOIP and other symmetric services.
  • Usage: Data usage is unlimited. We do not periodically disconnect or time you out.
  • Firewall: We firewall your connection.
  • LAN Speeds: Transmission rates to and from the internet are set at 5, 10, or 20 Mbps depending on the member’s chosen tier. Actual speeds may vary due to radio location, your home router, and other factors.
  • Non-Profit: We are a New Mexico non-profit cooperative; members volunteer time and effort for the benefit of the community.
What LCWA Provides
  • High-speed Internet Access: LCWA provides its members with basic high-speed continuous internet access. This service is provided under the assumption that the nature of your access is typical of a residential, home office or small office. When you agree to access, you will sign a service agreement that you should read beforehand, particularly if you consider your case to be somewhat atypical.
  • Fixed IP Addresses: LCWA offers fixed IP addresses for our all Internet Access subscribers.
  • Firewall: The LCWA network infrastructure contains a firewall to protect the network from outside intrusions. By default, your home router can be seen from the internet, but outside access is limited by the firewall in most cases.
  • SMTP Support: LCWA offers local and Internet-wide SMTP support to our Internet Access subscribers. SMTP service allows you to use our network to send mail to other email recipients anywhere on the internet. This service does not allow you to receive incoming mail. You should use another mail server for incoming mail, e.g., Gmail, Yahoo.
What Members Provide
  • Signed Membership Agreement.
  • Initial Membership Fee of $50 depends on the type of radio, mast and other equipment that is required to connect to the LCWA network.
  • The monthly fee is $40 for 5 Mbps service, $50 for 10 Mbps or $60 for 20 Mbps.
  • Willingness to volunteer.
  • LCWA fees are determined periodically by the association at regular meetings. There are no long-term contracts, or hidden fees.