La Cañada Wireless Association

LCWA Election 2016

LCWA Election 2016

Election of five directors to the LCWA Board of Directors will take place from March 3rd through March 10th, 2016 at 5:00 PM. Candidate statements were sent out on February 29th. See below. Ballots will be sent by email.

Beau Borrero

Both of my parents are career social workers and active community volunteers, so my childhood was filled with fundraising, community organizing, and coop volunteering.  Most recently, I was a founding member and volunteer for the San Juan Community Food Coop in Friday Harbor, Washington.

I am a firm believer in both the power of cooperation and the necessity of fast, affordable Internet for everyone. The Internet is for us much like electricity was for our grandparents: first a novel luxury, soon a vital necessity. We can get a same day Skype session with our doctor…but not without fast, dependable Internet. We can pursue secondary and higher education online…but not without fast, dependable Internet. Many families today are being left on the wrong side on the growing digital divide, and this affects our community’s health, prosperity, and civic engagement.

Like many members, I am both grateful to LCWA for bringing me Internet and frustrated by the slow speeds. I have volunteered numerous times for LCWA, replacing radios, upgrading access points, moving gear, and running cable. I look forward to working cooperatively to help bring LCWA members the fastest, most affordable, most reliable Internet possible.


Rob Hausman

I have enjoyed serving on the LCWA Board for a number of years, and have enjoyed helping the organization grow as a positive force in the communities we serve. While I continue to believe that the community co-operative model for LCWA is the right one, some modifications to the way we operate are necessary to allow for future changes in location and composition of our membership.

As we strive to improve both the stability and capabilities of the network, it has been necessary to adopt increasingly complex and specialized technologies, for which is it difficult to find technically qualified member volunteers. This has led to the need to establish relationships with independent contractors to meet specialized needs and to provide levels of effort for projects that would simply take too long to accomplish with strictly volunteer support.

The Board has been working hard to upgrade the network, and to extend service to un-served areas on the margins of our coverage area—some of which has proved difficult.  A key goal has been to replace the core radio infrastructure to support future higher speed connections to the members. We anticipate completion of most of this project over the next few months.

I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the membership as a Board member, and, as always I encourage you to join with the Board at meetings and to participate in the operation of our organization, to help to define and to implement improvements to our system.


Dave Kuncicky

I am a retired computer scientist and have lived since 2000 with my lovely wife in lovely La Barbaria Canyon. I taught computer and network system administration at Florida State University (FSU) in the 80s and 90s and managed the computer and network systems for Computer Science and the College of Engineering at FSU.

After enjoying the fruits of LCWA for several years I feel that it is time I give back to this wonderful grassroots organization. If you select me to be on the board I look forward to working on the issues of membership growth, bandwidth upgrades and increased reliability.


Peggy O’Mara

I have enjoyed serving on the LCWA board as Secretary for the last two years. In 2015 I upgraded the LCWA website and conducted a member survey. I am interested in continuing to serve on the LCWA board because I want to help the association respond to the needs of our members. 68% of us rely on LCWA as our only connection to the Internet and 70% of us would pay more for faster speed.

It means a lot to me to be connected to the Internet through LCWA as the speed has made it possible for me to do business online more efficiently than with a satellite connection. I also enjoy being able to stream movies from Netflix or Amazon. When I started on the board the FCC’s definition of broadband was a minimum download speed of 4 Mbps; now it is 12 Mbps. I hope to help LCWA to deliver at least 10 Mbps to our members by the end of my next term.

I’m supportive of the community-based, non-profit, member-owned business model of LCWA. I was the owner of Mothering magazine for over 30 years and bring my experience as a manager, editor, and writer to LCWA.


Joel Yelich

I’m willing to serve on the LCWA board again after being on the board for several years. I have been President of the board from 2014 to the present. I work at home and often rely upon the Internet. First volunteering in 2005, I’ve been on many installs although cannot be considered one of the more technically knowledgeable people in the organization.

I am a researcher for a global executive search firm and prior to that worked in video production and with collectible automobiles. I recently served on another not-for-profit board as Executive Director and President. I graduated from Cornell College of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, have lived in Santa Fe since 2000 and am originally from Wisconsin.

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