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Westside Coordinator and Radio Installers Needed

Westside Coordinator and Radio Installers Needed

As you know, we’re upgrading the radios of all members and the initial results are very encouraging. To facilitate these upgrades on the westside, we need a Westside Volunteer Coordinator. The coordinator  will be doing a variety of tasks, including the following:

  • organizing volunteers for work that Phil Curnutt is planning
  • scheduling radio replacements with members
  • organizing people to replace those radios.

We also need radio installers on the westside. LCWA reimburses for mileage and we can help in other ways to get you started. We can train people who are willing to watch, learn, ask questions and eventually go out on their own. Anyone who operates a computer can configure a radio and anyone who can paint a wall can probably mount a radio. Adding connectors to a cat5/6 wire is probably the most difficult thing and that can be handled by more experienced volunteers, but really anyone can learn to do that too.


The westside is roughly defined as Hwy 14 and connected neighborhoods down south past Madrid. Dana Simmons is the East Side Transition Coordinator including Eldorado down to Lamy and can advise those considering. President Joel Yelich can also answer questions. For more information, reply to this post, email us or leave a message with the Help Line: 800-536-6149.

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