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2015 Member Survey

2015 Member Survey

A survey was sent by email to the membership in October of 2015. The board needed the members input for long-range planning.

170 of 437 members responded. This is a 39% response rate, very strong. Here is how the members voted on the questions.

1. Assuming that LCWA is able to deliver a significant increase in network speed to your location in the future, would you pay more for it?

  • Yes:  70.48%
  • No:  9.04%
  • I Don’t Know:  20.48%.

Many who voted “I Don’t Know” commented that they could not answer until they knew more about a potential speed increase and if that speed increase would, in fact, be significant to them.

2. If you would pay more, how much more would you pay? Use the drop-down menu below. Skip this question if you answered “no” or “don’t know” to question #1.

  • $10 43.10%
  • $5   18.87%
  • $15  13.79%
  • $25  12.93%
  • $20  22.21%

3. Do you currently have a competitive alternative to LCWA?

  • Yes   32.12%
  • No   67.88%

Would you be interested in knowing more about volunteering for LCWA?

  • Yes  37.65%
  • No  62.35%

From the Comments: Many members expressed appreciation for the efforts of the association and the volunteers in particular. They value reliability of the network above all. Many wanted more speed, especially to stream videos and for VOIP. Most were happy with current efforts to increase speed and service, but others were not. Many were already volunteering and some were unable to do so because of health or age reasons. Members appreciate the cooperative nature of the association and have a strong sense of community.

One thought on “2015 Member Survey

  1. Patricia R. Blackman

    Really appreciate all the great volunteers. We have not yet begun streaming videos, but I am sure we will be forced to do so in the near future, and then speed will be more critical than it is to me at present. Thanks for all your hard work.

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